Oma kokemus: Talletin 100€ josta 100% bonus = 200€. Lisäksi 200 ilmaiskierrosta (vain tietyssä pelissä.) Oma onneni ei tässä kasinossa juuri suosinut, mutta tilillä ilmaiskierrosten ja bonusten pelaamisen jälkeen kuitenkin 320€.

Dunder Casino tarjoaa keskitason liittymisbonukset muihin nettikasinoihin verrattuna. Ilmaiskierroksia tulee hyvä määrä, mutta nämä voi käyttää ainoastaan yhdessä tietyssä pelissä. Tämä ei anna mahdollista käyttää ilmaiskierroksia suurten volatiliteettien Jackpot-peleihin. Systemaattisella bonustenkeräilijällä ei kuitenkaan ole mitään syytä olla käyttämättä näitä ilmaiskierroksia hyväkseen.

Myös Dunderin vanhojen pelaajien on mahdollista lunastaa tervetuliaisbonukset uudestaan. Tämä on mahdollista luomalla uusi tunnus Dunderiin toista puhelinnumeroa/sähköpostiosoitetta käyttäen.

Rekisteröitymällä uudelleen tästä linkistä saat 20 ilmaiskierrosta joka päivä rekisteröitymisestäsi lähtien.

Myös Dunder Casinon vanhat käyttäjät pystyvät lunastamaan itselleen joka päivä 20 uutta ilmaiskierrosta tästä linkistä.

Henrik Nyman,

Dunder on luotettava ruotsalaislähtöinen nettikasino

Dunder Casino on Ruotsista lähtöisen oleva nettikasino, joka on perustettu vuonna 2016. Omistava yhtiä Dunder Limited on rekisteröity Maltalle niin kuin kaikki muutkin varteenotettavat ja luotettavat nettikasinot. Suurin osa kasinon asiakkaista on ruotsalaisia, suomalaisia tai brittejä. Suomenkielinen asiakaspalvelu vastaa oman kokemukseni mukaan kyselyihin nopeasti ja tehokkaasti.

dunder casino ilmaiskierrokset bonukset nettikasino
Dunder Kasinon tarjoama bonus on kohtuullisen hyvä. Myös vanhojen pelaajien on mahdollista hyödyntää tämä tarjous uuden käyttäjätunnuksen luomisen avulla.

Tarinamme yhdestä lempikirjastani Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas jatkuu jälleen (osa 3/5):

No matter how busy a craps or roulette table might be, the chips must be evenly stacked by color to faciliate the almost continuous counting by supervisors, and blackjack dealers have to learn how to cup the hole card against side readers to make sure players in cahoots aren’t swapping paints (face cards) to beat the house. An experienced stick man at a craps table is trained to never take his eyes off the dice, especially when the noisy drunk at the end of the table spills his drink on the felt, drops his chips on the floor, and takes a swing at his wife. It is at precisely these distracting Kodak moments when the shavers, or baloney dice, are slipped into the game. Trying to beat the casino – through a miraculous win or, alternatively, through more reliable methods of being a crook – is what brings everyone to town. In Las Vegas, beating the casino by hook or crook has been raised to an art form.

But, of course, the greatest amount of casino theft has nothing to do with cheating players or crooked dealers. Most of the major theft in casino doesn’t even happen on the casino floor. The largest amount of larceny takes place behind closed doors in the casino’s sanctum sanctorum, the volt. Rather than being counted, the cash is assembled into various denominations and weighted. A million dollars in $100 bills weight 20 and a half pounds; a million in $20s, 102 pounds, and a million in $5 bills, 408 pounds.

The coins are poured into specifically made Toledo electronic coin-weighting scales manufactured by the Reliance Electric Company- model 8130 being the scale of preference when Lefty ran the Stardust – that shorts and counts the coins. A millio dollars in quarter slot machine winnings weight twenty-one tons.

The dream for many of those who find themselves owning casinos, or even working in them, is to figre out exatly how to separate the count room from its loots. Over the years, the methods employed hace run from owners getting their hands on drop box keys to employees grabbing fists full of cash before the boxes are even counted. There are complicated methods of misdirected fill slips and mal-adjusted scales that weight only one-third of the loot coming through the count room doors. The systems for skiing casinos are as varied as the genious of the men doing the skimming.

In 1974, only six years after arriving to Las Vegas, Frank Rosenthal had managed to get from Las Vegas exactly what he had hoped – a new life. He was running four Las Vegas casinos. He had married a gorgeous show girl named Geri McGee and they lived with their two children in a $1 million house facing the fourteenth tee on the Las Vegas Country Club golf course. He had a swimming pool and a house keeper. His bedroom closed had over two hundred pairs of custom-made silk, cotton, and linen slacks – most of them in pastel shades – which he had specially fitted by tailor flown in from Beverly Hills and Chicago. He was the man to see at the Stardust, and his reputation as an innovative and succesful casino manager was soon to be recognized through Nevada. He saw himself as part of an elite group of casino impresarios, union pension fund officials, investment bankers, and Nevada politicians who were about to transform Las Vegas from its cowboy and gangster roots into the family-oriented $30-billion-a-year adult theme park it would eventually become.

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